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About Community Business Weekend

Community Business Weekend is the annual open doors event that celebrates communities in England who are using business to transform where they live.

2019 saw more than 17,000 people visit 218 community businesses during the weekend, and some of those visitors are now volunteers, shareholders and customers. Some of the 8,000 community businesses including community-run sport centres to libraries, community pubs to bakeries will open their doors for local people to find out more about the impact they are having and how to get involved through volunteering, buying locally, or becoming a member.  Here’s a glimpse of what happened in 2018:

Why take part?

Over the last three years, community businesses up and down the country have organized events during Community Business Weekend to:

  • Engage or re-engage with their community by showcasing their services and explaining how their business benefits the local area
  • Get local people signed up to volunteer, buy community shares or even become trustees
  • Celebrate this unique business model that puts local people in power and say thank you to their volunteers and supporters
  • Invite local dignitaries such as MPs, local councillors and mayors to raise the profile of their business
  • Understand what the needs of their community are before setting up a new community business or project
  • Consult local people about new plans and ideas

Community Business Weekend isn’t just about showing your community what you do. Your community is full of hidden talent, people who have useful skills they could volunteer, people who could be part of your leadership team, not to mention becoming valued customers for your products and services. Don’t forget those people who can help you through their personal and professional connections such as local government and funders. This is your chance to remind them how important and brilliant your community business is, and that it is on their doorsteps.

Community Business Weekend is supported by Power to Change, the independent charitable trust set up to support community businesses to create better places across England. For support and funding for your community business, visit www.powertochange.org.uk

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