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Tell the Canvas

general creativity for all levels

Enjoy exploring and experimenting with creative expression while contemplating sustainability themes.

Tell the Canvas is a creativity workshop for all levels, and ideal for absolute beginners. It was created and is facilitated by Mel Barry, the Founder Curator of Art Hut at Thrive Main Garden in Battersea Park. Thrive uses gardening to change lives.

Solo and groups: Held in a delightful outdoor setting at Thrive Main Garden in London’s Battersea Park.

At your venue: If you have a preferred venue let’s chat about doing the workshop there.

Weeknight and weekend options: Various two-hour time slots are available by advance booking. If you would like a workshop for longer than two hours please mention this in your email.

Adults and ages 16+: Under 18s and vulnerable adults must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent or adult guardian who is responsible for their care.

Workshop fee: Depends on location and group size.

ADVANCE BOOKINGS: Please send a brief email to buy@popsyset.com