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Case studies and videos

Read the stories and watch the videos from other community businesses that took part in Community Business Weekend last year.


Lyde Green Community Association

‘Grab the opportunity to make important beginning steps’

Lyde Green Community Association in Bristol, were recently chosen by the South Gloucestershire Council to be the new operator for the new Community Hall in Lyde Green. Therefore, Community Business Weekend 2017 came at a perfect time, to help them find volunteers to make it happen.

Their event was informative, telling their story to visitors and sharing how they could get involved, as well as asking local people what they’d like to see in the new community hall. From their open doors event, they managed to get a total of 5 new volunteers and 40 new members. Pretty impressive!

Maybe the endless pizza and cake has something to do with it.


Shotley Pier

‘Don’t have a space yet? Get creative!’

Shotley Pier, is made up of local people raising the money to buy… you guessed it their local pier in Shotley, Suffolk. But when Community Business Weekend arrived in 2017, the pier was not yet ready to walk on.

They didn’t let that stop them, they reached out to a local pub and threw an event to share their story with local people. They also threw fun challenges including the ‘Piece of String Challenge’ and predict how far the 600 feet distance really is on land.

They also offered a free taster of their bespoke rum, with bottles available to buy all day – all of which goes towards buying and renovating the Pier.


Burton Street Foundation

‘Take people on an informal tour’

­Burton Street Foundation, a community hub based in Hillsborough, jumped at the chance to open their doors and showcase everything on offer. For anyone who fancied a nosey round, they organised informal tours of their facilities, from the 20 small businesses based at their centre to their gym and sports hall, or the support they offer for adults and children with learning difficulties. Local people could discover tons of opportunities right on their doorstep.

In celebration of Community Business Weekend 2017, they also hosted a whole range of free activities including a tea dance, art activities and baking activities.

Watch their 2017 open day


Sheffield Live

‘Promote the community business movement’

Sheffield Live, a community radio and TV station owned by over 100 local people, opened their doors, encouraged people to have a look at their TV and radio studios, meet the team, stay for a brew and find out how they could get involved, whether that’s running their own radio show to becoming a member.

Sheffield Live took the opportunity to share more than just their story. During their ‘Communities Live’ radio show, they invited other local community businesses to pop in and do interviews live on air, celebrating a movement of community businesses.

Watch their 2017 open day


Bretforton Community Shop

‘Offer trial shifts for those interested in volunteers’

Celebrating their third year of trading as a community business in the village of Bretforton. Bretforton Community Shop hosted a weekend of community celebration, putting on a showcase of local products with free tastings. They also offered the chance to do a “trial shift” as a volunteer in the shop, which resulted in 2 more regular volunteers to their workforce.

Community Business Weekend 2017 helped them to tell their story about how they set up the shop and hub to a wider audience. They also invited other local communities to see how they too can create community businesses that secure what their community needs to grow and thrive.

“Fantastic celebration and low key opportunity to meet with our users, volunteers and local community to talk about how we can all be involved” – Chris Buckham, Bretforton Community Shop


Ideal for All

Get hands on with activities’

There’s no better way to truly understand a community business than to take part. Ideal for all, a community garden in Smethwick who work to improve the lives of disabled, elderly and vulnerable people, celebrated their 16 years of blooming success during Community Business Weekend by giving visitors the chance to take part in ‘hands on’ gardening projects at the beautiful Malthouse Gardens.

They also used the weekend, to introduce people to their growing opportunities project, meet volunteers, buy locally grown fruit and veg, have a say on the gardens development and most importantly chat over a cuppa and cake.


Myatt’s Field Park Project

Use the weekend to consult local people on your future’

On top of free pastries and cocktails in their beautifully decorated roundhouse, Myatt’s Field Park – a community park in South London, invited the neighbourhood to a full weekend of events asking people how they would like the park to develop.

They also made sure their Community Business Weekend event was family friendly, hosting a football barbeque breakfast. As a result of bringing together the community over some delicious food and listening to their needs, they managed to get 37 new members for their community business.


The Bevy community Pub

‘Launch a new product or service’

Based in Brighton, the first community owned pub on an estate ‘The Bevy’ put on a Community Business Weekend mini beer festival in conjunction with a local brewery. But they also took the opportunity to launch their very own beer, ‘The Beast of Bevendean’, which went down a treat.

Beyond the beer, they threw a Disco night and some special deal offers to get new people through their doors, as well as showcasing their other services including their weekly Friday Friends Club, where they pick up elderly or isolated people in their minibus and bring them together in the Bevy to have a bite to eat and meet other local people.