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Get involved in community businesses

Community businesses already play a vibrant role in local places across England. There are more than 7,000, and are growing in number more quickly than both charities and small businesses.

There are plenty of ways you can also get involved in community businesses:

Become a volunteer
Whether you want to volunteer a few hours of your time as a one off, or regularly work for the organisation, everyone can contribute to the success of a community business. Find your local community business or find out more about volunteering on the NCVO website.

Become a trustee
A good board of trustees usually has people with different skill sets. So, whether you have professional skills, or valuable life experience, you can become a trustee and make a difference locally. Find your local community business or find out more about being a trustee on the GOV.uk website.

Become a shareholder
You can have a say in the direction of the community business, by purchasing a community share and becoming a member. Each person gets one vote, no matter how big or small their stake. Find your local community business.

Become a customer
The easiest way to support your local community business is to use its services, buy its products and attend its events. After all, they’re all designed with you in mind and you’ll be helping to boost your local economy. Win win. Find your local community business.

Or you can even set up your own community business. The Power to Change website has all the information you need to help you get going.