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Getting press coverage for your event

We want to help you have the most successful event possible over Community Business Weekend. Whether you’re launching a new environmental initiative, looking for volunteers, promoting a share offer or even opening a venue or project, you deserve to make the papers! You could write a letter to the editor, or send a press release, below are two templates that you could use, simply change your details below.

Sending a letter to the editor

A great way to engage with your local media is to send a letter to the editor of your local paper we’ve drafted the below as a template for you.

Letter to editor

Championing the power of local people

We are living in times of great change, with divisions across the country. But there are a growing number of people who are coming together and taking control of local amenities, like shops, libraries, transport, energy, cafes and many more services. And by doing so they are helping to heal the divisions in their communities.

There are 9,000 community businesses in England and many in YOUR HOMETOWN. They are accountable to their communities and their profits are reinvested in their communities. Hundreds of thousands of us shop, visit or benefit from them directly – yet the movement is still relatively unknown.

That’s why Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, is once again organising Community Business Weekend (14-17 May 2019, #CBwkd20) to shine a light on these community-powered gems.

Our community business, NAME, will be hosting an event to celebrate Community Business Weekend. Visitors will be able to DETAILS at DATE, TIME and LOCATION.

The weekend is a unique opportunity for community businesses to invite local people to see behind the scenes, understand how they can get involved in running a business for community good, and have a say in local decision making.

In 2019 more than 17,000 people visited 218 community businesses during the weekend, and many of those visitors are now volunteers, shareholders and customers.

There’s never been a better time to get involved.

Visit www.communitybusinessweekend.org to find out more.

Yours sincerely



Sending a press release

Simply copy the template below and add your details, then email to your local media.



[Insert your community business name] hosts [event, e.g. family fun day]

This weekend (May 14-17) [insert your community business name] in [location] will (insert details of event) as part of the fifth England-wide Community Business Weekend.

Held to celebrate the work of the 9,000 community businesses across England, Community Business Weekend offers a unique opportunity for local people to visit and see how they can get involved in this growing movement.

[Name] from [business] said: “Insert brief quote about why you are getting involved in the weekend and calling on local people to support you and come and find out what you do.”

Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive at Power to Change, the independent trust behind the weekend said: “The beauty of community business is that anyone can get involved, either setting one up or becoming a valued customer. One of our core priorities at Power to Change is to help communities to harness the skills, leadership and entrepreneurialism that already exist at the local level. Community Business Weekend is a great way to both celebrate and uncover the skills that can bring vibrancy and economic growth to local areas.”

Community businesses are organisations rooted in a local area, run by and answerable to members of the community. They range from skate parks to libraries, tea rooms to vineyards and are worth £890m and have assets of £950m according to recent research. The average business in 2019 employs 14 people and engages 32 volunteers. Community businesses are reducing social isolation, increasing community cohesion and boosting the health and wellbeing of local people.

Community Business Weekend is an opportunity to showcase what’s possible when local people take control and demonstrate their value to the local economy and society.

To find out more about [insert your community business name] event, visit [insert website/Facebook if details of event are listed]

2019 saw more than 17,000 people visit 218 community businesses during the weekend, and some of those visitors are now volunteers, shareholders and customers.

To find out about other Community Business Weekend events in the area and for more information, visit www.communitybusinessweekend.org.


Notes to editors

For more information contact [name] on [phone number] and [email address]

About [insert your community business name]



About Community Business Weekend

Community Business Weekend is the annual open doors event that celebrates communities in England who are using business to transform where they live. 2019 saw more than 17,000 people visit 218 community businesses during the weekend, and some of those visitors are now volunteers, shareholders and customers. For more information about how to get involved with Community Business Weekend 2020 visit www.communitybusinessweekend.org.

Community Business Weekend is supported by Power to Change, the independent charitable trust set up to support community businesses to create better places across England. For support and funding for your community business, visit www.powertochange.org.uk


About Power to Change

Power to Change is the independent trust that supports community businesses in England.

Community businesses are locally rooted, community-led, trade for community benefit and make life better for local people. The sector owns assets worth £890m, and comprises 9,000 community businesses across England who employ 33,600 people. (Source: Community Business Market 2019).

From pubs to libraries; shops to bakeries; swimming pools to solar farms; community businesses are creating great products and services, providing employment and training and transforming lives. Power to Change received its endowment from the National Lottery Community Fund in 2015.

www.powertochange.org.uk @peoplesbiz

For more information please contact: Alex Valk 07384 812777 alexv@powertochange.org.uk