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Telling your story

You don’t just run a business. You run a community business! Many local people may not know what that means, or how this makes it different. Community Business Weekend is the perfect opportunity to tell them your story – who’s involved and who’s behind it, how and why you started a business with local people, what it offers and what benefit it brings to the local community.

Community businesses are brought into being by people who care deeply about where they live and what goes on there. Don’t worry if you don’t think you are a natural presenter or if you wouldn’t be comfortable talking in-front of a crowd – there are many interactive and interesting ways you can tell your story at an event. You can find more information on some of our favourites below.

The one big advantage of using pictures and objects is that they are widely accessible. It’s easy to assume that everyone can read and write but if you want to engage young people, families and adults for whom literacy is a barrier then using images may be an easy way to tell your story in an inclusive way.