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Asking questions is a great way to draw out your community business story. Be a journalist for a day and use a stock set of questions to collect different responses from the people involved in your project. Use open questions and don’t be afraid to use direct quotes to build a narrative.

Example questions / prompts could be:

  • What’s the best bit of advice you were given?
  • What was your most ridiculous moment?
  • What was your most joyful moment?
  • What was your darkest hour?
  • What was your most triumphant moment?
  • What was your best piece of luck?
  • Why would someone else get involved in this?
  • What advice would you give to someone else on a similar journey?

You could even grab your smartphone and create short films of talking heads. Ask everyone involved to contribute a response to the different questions. If filming isn’t your thing, why not go old school? Gather quotes together and getting stuck in with scissors and glue to create a tactile scrapbook that people can flick through.