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Tips for the day

  • The power of bunting – never underestimate how a bit of dressing completely transform a space and the way that people react to it.
  • Schedule the day – get a rota together so your team knows exactly what is expected of them on the day.
  • Breaking the ice – feature a simple but fun activity that people can do. You may want to consider creating a talking point for the day – something with which local people can really engage.
  • Be hospitable – if you can plug in a kettle, offer tea, coffee and biscuits.
  • Social media – remember to share any photos on social media using the campaign hashtags #CommunityBusinessMatters and #CBWkd19. And remember to get permissions from people before you post anything!
  • Local media – did you let your local media know about the event? It’s not too late to tell them if anything big comes out of your event. If you send them any photos remember to get people in the shots to sign a permission form.
  • Evaluation remember to fill in our evaluation form [coming soon] to let us know how the day went for you and how many people attended your event.
  • Provide takeaway information for visitors – so people can see how they can get involved.